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Strategic, scalable data skills development funded by the Apprenticeship Levy
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Strategic, impactful and scalable data skills development is now critical for business performance and the economy at large. In response, Imperial College Business School and Corndel, one of the UK’s leading workplace training and development partners, have expanded their highly successful skills partnership to offer world-class, high impact development programmes in data literacy and data analytics. All funded through the Apprenticeship Levy.
The launch comes amid recent warnings from the Learning & Work Institute UK that the UK is at risk of sleepwalking to stagnation in skills. Whilst demand for data skills continues to rise significantly, the UK risks failing to develop a high skill, high wage economy fit to compete in the 21st Century.
Scaling data literacy
The Imperial College and Corndel Data-Driven Professional Programme enables better understanding and communication with data; teaching vital technical skills such as automation and visualisation.
Driving Innovation & Collaboration
The partnership will regularly bring together insight from leading figures from academia, government & industry through live events and research.
Embedding Data Analytics
The Imperial College and Corndel Data Analyst Programme equips professionals with the techniques, skills and knowledge to generate meaningful insights and make better business decisions.


Recognised professional qualifications

  • The Imperial College & Corndel Data-Driven Professional Programme (Level 3) is accredited by A4digital, Academy for digital.

  • The Imperial College & Corndel Data Analyst Programme (Level 4) is accredited by A4digital, Academy for digital.



Personalised professional development

Built for business
Bringing together leaders from industry and academia to shape course content and delivery.
Individual coaching
Up to 18 months of one-to-one coaching by experienced data scientists.
Tailored workshops
Regular hands-on workshops to become familiar with analytical techniques.
Practical application
Bite-sized projects to embed learning and practise skills.
Resource library
Online access to Corndel’s learning content in a range of formats.
Zero cost
Our Data programmes are fully funded through the Apprenticeship Levy.

Who we're helping today

Who are our programmes for?

Data-Driven Professional Programme

The Imperial College and Corndel Data-Driven Professional Programme enables businesses to make better, quicker, smarter decisions at every level through embedding data literacy across organisations. The programme is for daily users of data and business intelligence, which is increasingly becoming the majority of desk-based employees. These individuals sit across core business functions such as HR, Marketing, Finance and Operations where daily, agile data-driven decision making is key to delivering marginal gains that result in game-changing business performance.

Aligns to Level 3 Data Technician Apprenticeship Standard.

Data Analyst Programme

The Imperial College and Corndel Data Analyst Programme establishes a powerful network of data scientists, analysts and database managers at key intersections in your organisation.
The programme is for professionals whose roles will increasingly require them to prepare and analyse large amounts of data and build predictive tools These individuals are critical champions, specialists and advocates for defining what 'data-driven' means for your organisation.

Aligns to Level 4 Data Analyst Apprenticeship Standard.


The jobs of the future are very different and traditional career paths are becoming more and more irrelevant. The bp Data Apprenticeship is a great way to prepare the business and our people for that future."

Alessia Kosagowsky, Chief Data & Analytics Officer YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP

I am delighted to hear about the great work our Data Analytics apprentices are doing and how new data skills are already being put into practice. YOOX NET-A-PORTER is committed to building a data-driven culture and Corndel has been pivotal in enabling us to align the investment of our Apprenticeship Levy with this important strategic objective."

Richard Head, Head of Digital Analytics Johnson Matthey

We are very excited to be launching the Data Analytics Diploma with Corndel. We’re building a data-driven culture at Johnson Matthey and this programme is a fantastic opportunity to develop data skills across the business."

Jane Gibbs, Head of Talent and Development, Adecco

A key part of The Adecco Group’s digital strategy is to get more out of our BI systems and really use the wealth of data that’s available. This is only possible if we build data literacy at scale.
Our people need to be confident enough to understand the data, handle it securely and use that information to inform business decisions. The Corndel model works brilliantly for our learners."

Lynsey Taylor, Apprenticeship Manager, Asda

Corndel fully understands our strategic and organisational aims. Our learning and development strategy is based upon organisational need and a desire to offer all our colleagues a succession plan. Corndel’s programmes support this. From the learning materials and programme modules being tailored to the requirements that we have from our managers, to the individualised one-to-one coaching that all learners benefit from when they enrol on a Corndel programme, Corndel’s programmes deliver tangible, measurable benefits."
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Our coaches

Meet some of our 25+ coaches who are experienced data scientists

Minesh Patel
15 years’ experience in financial services. Led portfolio of technology and finance related projects across Barclays Group. Specialist in transformation in finance, control and risk. Award-winning leader and experienced mentor
Claire Kelleher
Academic and commercial data scientist at CitiGroup, MoneySupermarket and Deloitte. Expert in consumer behaviour and personalised marketing. Winner of Deloitte Top Technology Talent Competition.
Dr Lynette Robertson
Research scientist with expertise in data analytics and applied statistics. Over 20 years’ experience in the environment and sustainability sector. PhD Geosciences and Honorary Research Fellow.
Daniel Sanz
Worked in the Analytics and Data Science field for over a decade. Dan's specialities include Machine Learning. He is a core member of the Ethics Committee of DataKind UK.
Sam Ashcroft
Taught statistics at university, then to commercial clients. Previously Deputy Head of Data Analysis at another training provider. PhD Candidate in Behavioural Research.
Fraser Morgan
Over 20 years’ experience in technology and software solutions and education services organisations across Europe, America and the U.K. PGCE, PRINCE2 Practitioner and Certified IBM Data Professional.

The Levy

Invest in enhanced analytics

The Corndel Data Diplomas have been purpose-built by our team of data science experts to build your organisation's data capabilities, funded through your Apprenticeship Levy.

For our Levy funded programmes we are approved by the ESFA and regulated by OFTSED. We focus on excellence and simplicity. The highest quality programmes delivered with the greatest of ease.