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Corndel Alumni, Stuart Devine from Pinnacle Group: Promotion and role expansion

03 November 2020 by Isla Lightfoot

Pinnacle Group provides people-first, integrated services across a range of community-facing assets and infrastructure – including multi-tenure housing, schools, open spaces, public buildings, utilities and broadband networks – as well as a range of complementary employment and wellbeing outcomes. Pinnacle has been working with Corndel since 2018, during which time three cohorts of learners have enrolled on and completed the Corndel Leadership and Management Diplomas.

A number of Pinnacle employees who have embarked on a Corndel programme have been promoted following successful completion of the course. Gary Dear, Training and Development Manager for Pinnacle Group commented that; “Since working with Corndel employees are consciously aware of putting the things they have learned into practise. This is not something we have seen so acutely before. Communication is more framed and contextualised against our organisational strategy. Attitudinally, they are more confident and proactive. These managers have more gravitas, and this enhances our overall reputation.”

One such person is Stuart Devine, a Business Manager at Pinnacle Group. Stuart was promoted from Area Manager to Business Manager six months after completing the Level 5 Leadership and Management Diploma. He credits the Diploma with giving him the skills and confidence to grow into this role. Stuart said; “The finance module on the Level 5 Corndel Diploma in Leadership and Management developed my skillset, particularly around shareholding and cash flow. The learning materials produced by Corndel were very insightful and relevant, as was the online learning portal. This was coupled with the support from my coach, Richard, who made himself available at any time of the day or night to support and advise.”

Stuart’s role has grown from managing 200+ staff and looking after contracts worth in the region of £10m, to overseeing the management of 500+ people and a portfolio of contracts worth approximately £25m. “When I enrolled on the programme, I didn’t anticipate moving into a senior role, but the Corndel programme enabled me to develop my skillset so that I could move to the next level. A number of colleagues who have embarked on the Corndel programmes have also moved into more senior managerial roles, and a number of the work based projects that were developed in my cohort have been implemented and made a tangible difference to our business.”

Stuart really enjoyed participating in the course with a group of colleagues that he had work with over the years; “We encouraged and supported each other”. He continues to encourage his middle managers to enrol on both the Level 3 and Level 5 Corndel programmes and is exploring the options to continue his learning journey.

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