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Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Programmes

Enabling organisations to thrive


Driving inclusion

Organisations are increasingly recognising the value that the diversity of their workforce brings and the importance of cultivating a practice and culture of equality and inclusion in order to reap the benefits if diversity.

An Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) strategy which delivers equity and sense of belonging supports staff attraction, retention, engagement and wellbeing. It contributes to the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance strategies which positively impact individuals and society.

Corndel offers EDI training that is tailored to address the concerns around current culture, removing a glass ceiling and ensuring all employees are equipped and enabled to succeed. This training is experiential and delivered by expert coaches in real-time to deliver genuine personal growth in participants and measurable business impact.

Our approach to EDI has evolved through our own journey, and is based around an 8-point strategic plan. We work with organisations using this framework to understand their strengths and gaps:

  1. Values and purpose-led
  2. Psychological safety
  3. Leadership buy-in and accountability
  4. Grass-roots
  5. Data-informed
  6. Targeted training
  7. Policy & practice development
  8. External focus

Our programmes

Example programmes we’ve created

  • EDI training targeting  future leaders from ethnic backgrounds found to be underrepresented in leadership at ASOS. 
  • A programme for women in technology roles at Zoopla, to address the gender imbalance in digital recruitment. 
  • Bespoke programmes for Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at a large research company, focusing on professional development strategies to enable career advancement.
  • A range of programmes designed to remove the ‘glass ceiling’ of management for underrepresented and marginalised groups, resulting in 25% of Corndel graduates being promoted within 6 months. 

Our Partners

Partnering to open up opportunities

Corndel partners with a range of organisations to ensure our programme content contains the most current thinking: 

Increasing the number of women working in technology roles in the UK. 

Ensuring every young person has the right to work.

Giving parents in the workplace an equal opportunity to succeed.

We also have an in-house Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion team comprising expert coaches and EDI specialists, who facilitate the Corndel EDI strategy and feed into on the curricula for client programmes. We also have a Corndel EDI Employee Resource Group from across the business who bring passion for equity and inclusion and who contribute a multidisciplinary skillset to our work internally and externally.

Our approach

A consultative approach

We work in partnership with the L&D or HR Lead to develop bespoke programmes that address the needs of that organisation. We take a conversational approach to listen to your issues, challenges, and strategies around Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion.

We provide the best solution for your needs, share feedback throughout the programme and provide evidence-based measurements of success. Our approach is designed around Corndel doing the heavy-lifting.

Our productS

Blending for maximum impact

Our programmes combine a blend of unique curriculum resources, created by our in-house team, with our Executive coaching model. The highest degree of importance is place on application.
Our in-house team of pedagogical experts design the content of the programme to align to the organisational objectives. They work closely with our EDI team, who are subject-matter experts.
We employ over 130 coaches. The coaches who deliver our EDI programmes have substantial experience of the challenges around EDI. Organisations are provided with a dedicated coach or coaches.
We offer a combination of one-to-one coaching, group workshops and seminars, and espresso webinars. This can be delivered in-person, remotely or a hybrid. During the scoping stage we will agree the best ways to deliver the programme, such that learnings can be immediately applied in the workplace.
Who we're helping today

Catrin Anderson, Chief People Officer, Zoopla.

We have ambitious plans for the future, combined with a commitment to innovation, so we are very excited to launch our first programme. We want to give opportunities to women who are looking to forge a career in technology and innovation, helping us build a pipeline of talent that will benefit our customers for years to come.”