Women in Leadership Level 7 Launched at Mitie

Mitie, the UK's leading facilities management and professional services, partners with Corndel and Imperial College Business School to make a significant stride in transforming women in leadership across the business.

Mitie, a powerhouse in strategic outsourcing and integrated facilities management, has taken a monumental step towards reshaping the future of women in leadership within their organisation. 

In a strategic partnership with Corndel, Mitie has meticulously crafted and successfully launched an exclusive Executive Leadership Level 7 Programme. This programme is specifically designed to champion the advancement of a select cohort of exceptionally talented female leaders.


The challenge

Mitie recognised a significant challenge in diversifying and strengthening its leadership ranks. With an evident disparity in gender representation—38% of the workforce being women, yet only 28% occupying senior leadership roles—there was an urgent need for change. Sim Sian, Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Mitie, says, “ED&I is no longer a nice to do. It’s a business imperative. We know, and the research shows that more diverse organisations are more successful. This programme will build allyship and create space for greater diversity in our leadership structures at Mitie.” 

The company’s ambitious target is to elevate women in leadership positions to 40% by 2025. However, challenges such as work-life balance, executive presence, and imposter syndrome stood as formidable barriers.

The solution – Women in Leadership Level 7 launched at Mitie

On 23 October 2023, Mitie, in collaboration with Corndel, proudly presented its Women in Leadership Level 7 to an exclusive group of 15 female leaders.

Held at the prestigious Shard in London, this inaugural event marks a significant milestone in Mitie’s commitment to fostering female leadership and advancing gender equality within the organisation. The gathering at this iconic venue underscores Mitie’s dedication to creating an environment that supports and celebrates the development of women in leadership roles.

Kate Large, Director of Learning and Development at Mitie

"It feels like a really big moment for our apprenticeship gender initiatives, and it is absolutely crucial that we seize this opportunity to nurture and elevate the exceptional pool of female leaders within our ranks. This unique development experience will tackle topics most important to women in leadership at Mitie: work-life balance, harnessing executive presence and dealing with imposter syndrome. We are proud to deliver this Executive Leadership programme in partnership with Corndel and Imperial College Business School. To each and every one of our talented leaders embarking on this journey, I wish you success. Dedicate this time wholly to your professional development, immerse yourself in the learning, and let this programme contribute to your growth and success within Mitie."

Key highlights of the launch event included

Understanding the programme structure, expectations and content

The participants received a thorough overview of the programme’s structure, learning outcomes, and expectations. They also gained insights into the specific topics and Imperial lead masterclasses and workshops. Learners also fed back which content topics would benefit them, including work-life balance, executive presence, and imposter syndrome. This clarity helped set expectations and prepare the women for the transformative journey ahead.

Sharing experiences and aspirations

A significant portion of the event was dedicated to open discussions and sharing sessions where participants could express their experiences, challenges, and aspirations. This facilitated a supportive environment, allowing the women to connect on a personal and professional level.

Building a supportive network

The event fostered a sense of community among the participants, laying the foundation for a strong network of female leaders within Mitie. This network is envisioned as a source of support, advice, and encouragement as they navigate their leadership journey.

Psychological safety exploration

The event included a workshop on psychological safety, emphasising the importance of creating a work environment where everyone feels safe to take risks and express their thoughts without fear of negative repercussions. This session was crucial in cultivating a culture of openness and trust among the participants.

Tangible impact already

The programme launch event immediately impacted the participants, fostering a sense of support and empowerment among the cohort.

Maura, one of the learners, shared, “This is an opportunity to think about myself. All day everyday, I am thinking about the client, my husband, my kids. It’s a really nice message to be told that I can think about myself, do something for myself.”

Jodi, another participant, expressed her enthusiasm, noting, “As women, we put our learning on the back burner, I’m really excited to focus on my growth.”


The journey is just beginning

Mitie’s investment in developing its women leaders through the Executive Leadership Level 7 Programme marks a significant step towards achieving its diversity and inclusion goals. The programme has equipped the participants with the necessary skills and knowledge and fostered a sense of empowerment and support. We look forward to celebrating the success of these woman across the length of their 12-month programme. 

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