Unlocking Leadership Excellence with LV=

How LV= established leadership and management best practices across an entire organisation.
The Best Loved Leaders Programme

The Best Loved Leaders programme is a 13-month-long journey to enhance leadership capabilities within LV=. Leveraging Corndel's Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management, the programme offers a customised curriculum that aligns with LV='s strategic goals. Throughout the programme, LV='s Learning and Development (L&D) Team and Corndel's Professional Development Experts (PDEs) collaborate to deliver engaging workshops and continuously support the learners.

The Significance of Senior Leadership Endorsement

To establish the importance and commitment to the programme, LV= launched the Best Loved Leaders initiative with a two-day event at the prestigious Bournemouth Hilton. The event featured influential speakers from within and outside the organisation, showcasing the organisational vision and emphasising the contributions of the programme’s participants.  

Alice Kirby, responsible for managing the Apprenticeship Levy at LV=, explains, “Senior Leadership commitment is essential in demonstrating the value of this programme. Line managers are crucial in supporting participants and ensuring they have the necessary opportunities to succeed. This approach has resulted in remarkably high learner retention rates.” 

Success Stories from Learners

Sarah Ferguson, a Business Analyst Practice Manager at LV=, joined the programme to formalise her leadership skills and enhance her ability to manage a large team. Managing a team of 30 people, Sarah led an innovative pre-acquisition discovery project for her work-based project that streamlined a complex, costly integration process, enabling senior leaders to focus on the business’s response. 

“I was absolutely surprised at how much I learned. With the one-to-one support of my coach throughout, I was given guidance and regularly stretched to look at things differently. The course has taught me the value of mentorship and the benefit of having a network of peers from across the business to challenge and support.” 

Success Stories from Learners

Sophie Baker, a Digital and Marketing Manager at LV=, experienced a significant transformation in her management skills and confidence during the programme. Regular one-to-one coaching sessions with her dedicated Corndel PDE, provided valuable insights and a safe space for reflection and idea generation.  

“As learners, we are expected to seek opportunities to practice new skills and behaviours. For example, in response to feedback that my lack of confidence was holding me back, I changed my behaviour by speaking up more in meetings and taking on more responsibility in projects.” 

Programme Impact and Value Provided by Corndel

The impact of the Best Loved Leaders programme is evident in the learners’ growth and the subsequent positive effects on LV=. Lumus 360 Surveys conducted before and during the programme showed a 15% increase in learners’ confidence across critical areas such as leadership, relationships, self-awareness, and management. Additionally, monthly satisfaction surveys yielded an impressive 9.5/10. rating from LV= cohorts. 

Corndel’s value is not limited to delivering accredited programmes. Providing dedicated one-to-one coaching from Corndel’s Professional Development Experts has been a game-changer for LV= managers. Access to experienced coaches who understand their industry and organisation, coupled with tailored guidance and support, has empowered the managers to excel in their roles. 

Alice Kirby, Apprenticeship Lead, LV=

“The most significant benefit from the already excellent programmes was the dedicated one-to-one coaching offered by Corndel's Professional Development Experts. The feedback from our learners has been that they have benefitted enormously from being able to meet regularly, one-to-one, with someone who understands their issues, has experienced their industry and the type of organisation that we are, has worked at a senior level themselves and can pass on a vast amount of knowledge and experience. Ordinarily, this middle management level would not have access to this type of coaching.”

Unlocking Potential

LV= and Corndel’s partnership in the Best Loved Leaders programme exemplifies a successful collaboration in leadership development. Through the programme, LV= has cultivated a culture of continuous learning and growth, leveraging Corndel’s expertise to maximise the impact of its managers. Learners have achieved remarkable results, driving positive change and significantly contributing to LV=’s success. With the strong alignment of values and a commitment to excellence, LV= looks forward to further expanding its partnership with Corndel and unlocking the full potential of its managers. 

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