Luis Palicio, Asda | The Imperial College and Corndel Data Technician Programme

On January 16 2024, we hosted, in partnership with Imperial College Executive Education, a Data Learner Networking event at Imperial College Business School

We spoke with

Luis Palicio, Asda

“The potential of data is limitless”

Luis Palicio, a Category Technologist at Asda, has experienced a transformative journey through the Imperial College and Corndel Data Technician Programme, inspired to enhance his data management and visualisation skills, which are crucial for making informed decisions at Asda. He emphasises the importance of “how to present information we get from data via visualisations” to effectively communicate with stakeholders.

Luis now sees data with new eyes, understanding its importance across all business departments. “Since I started the programme, my perception of data and how important it is and how it can be used by basically anyone in the business,” he notes. His story highlights the limitless potential of data-driven decision-making in retail, showcasing how continuous learning and adaptation can lead to significant organisational efficiencies.

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