Lifelong Learning Happens at Saga: Unleashing Leadership Potential

Discover how the programme's real-world relevance and bite-size learning model inspired lifelong learning at Saga.

We explore the transformative journey of Terry Dunham, Enterprise UAT Test Manager at Saga. His story highlights the power of lifelong learning and the positive impact this can have on management and leadership skills for organisational success.

Terry began the Leadership and Management Level 5 Programme in February 2023 and is already seeing the benefits this has had on his management style.

Building confident leadership

"I've always been on the cusp of leadership, whether it's been the next one down in the team or an assistant manager role. Now that I'm the actual manager, this programme is helping me step into my leadership more confidently."

Impact for aspiring managers

Embracing a bite-sized learning approach

From the start, Terry has found the programme structure highly engaging and accessible, appreciating the flexibility and relevance of the programme, enabling him to apply his newfound knowledge directly to his current role. 

“It’s very bite-sized and easy to digest. There’s a bit of reading to do, but the content is interesting, and you can jump back from the questions to the content easily to stay engaged. If we had to write a 2000-word essay, sit still for 8 hours, and listen to someone, I would’ve hated that. This way of learning is perfect. It suits me.”

“When I spoke to my manager and a few others who have been on different development programmes, they compared their experience to mine and wished they’d been able to do it my way, where the learning is bite-sized and relevant to my job.”

Personalised one-to-one coaching

One of the standout features of Terry’s journey is the invaluable support provided by his coach.

“Jules is brilliant. So encouraging. So helpful. He always comes back with something constructive for me to work on or think about. He helps me find the best ways to work and explains the learning in greater detail.”

“Sometimes there are parts of the programme that I’m already doing in my role, and I haven’t realised I’m doing it. That’s been very affirming, and nice to know that I am on the right track with my management style.”

Applying learning to the workplace

Only a few months into the programme, Terry has already begun applying his learning to his current role. 

“I’ve just completed a module around culture and neurodiversity that you know about and hear about, but sometimes think, why would I need to know that? And then you start learning it and immediately see why it’s important and why I would need to understand it as a manager. It’s been very enlightening.”

“In my 360-review at the beginning of the programme, communication was highlighted as something I needed to work on. Now, I can delegate easier and support the team to make their own decisions. It has restructured how I do one-to-ones with the team, empowering them to drive those conversations and engage with their own development more.”

These small but significant changes demonstrate Terry’s commitment to personal growth and his ability to adapt and implement new strategies in the workplace.

Unlocking leadership potential

As Terry reflects on his ongoing development and recognises the programme's potential to benefit any individual in a management role:

"The biggest thing for me is the qualification at the end. I am working towards a real qualification in leadership and management relevant to my work. What I am learning on the job with these additional skills is incredibly valuable. I would recommend this programme to anyone who finds themselves in a management role. It gives you direction and the tools to be a successful manager."

A newfound confidence as a lifelong learner

The programme not only enhances Terry’s professional development but also transforms his outlook on learning. 

“I’m not going to lie. I was daunted by having to do presentations, assignments, and english and maths. But this programme has given me the confidence to know that I can do this. I can still learn at my age. Even though school finished years ago, my learning doesn’t need to stop. I can still do it. This programme has given me that bit of encouragement, the confidence that I can see this through.”

“The english and maths component is daunting after being out of school for a while. I thought I’d struggle with english, but I’m finding it easiest. The maths component is fractions and equations, which is hard to get back into after so long. But again, the learning is broken down into small bits, making it achievable.”

Terry Dunham’s journey exemplifies the potential created by workplace training programmes. Through the Leadership and Management Level 5 Programme, Terry continues developing his leadership and management skills to support his team and organisation to be successful.

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