Leading The Way: An Inside Look at a Finance Corporation's Strategies for Leadership Development

Implementing a strengths-based approach to developing leaders and managers

Since 2019, this world-leading financial corporation has partnered with Corndel, to deliver leadership and management skills development, aiming to advance its workforce’s skills. In 2021, a more customised corporate offering was needed, so the firm enlisted Corndel’s Custom Solutions team’s assistance to deliver this.  

Corndel is now so embedded into our team that they are an extension of it, rather than a provider

Learning Advisor at the firm

Developing the leaders of tomorrow

In a complex and rapidly shifting financial services landscape, this leading European financial services organisation recognised the need to equip its employees with the management and leadership skills necessary to succeed in their roles. To develop a strong leadership pipeline and achieve its strategic goals, the corporation partnered with Corndel to create a two-pronged development offering that inspires and cultivates excellence in leadership.

This partnership involved discovery, design and development, delivery and measurement, underpinned by Corndel’s leadership philosophy, recognising that everyone has unique strengths, skills, knowledge, and experiences. Awareness and respect for these differences enable individuals to make decisions that yield the best outcomes.

Through this collaborative approach, the corporation has successfully launched two programmes committed to achieving strategic objectives while establishing a formidable team of future leaders.

Managing for progress

Managing people involves a very different skill set from an operational role. This programme allows learners to spend time with their colleagues, reflecting on and discussing the opportunities and challenges of a management role.   

  • Seven 3-hour workshops covering a range of topics relevant to management  
  • Modern leadership at the firm  
  • Hybrid teams and strengths-based leadership  
  • Trust in the workplace  
  • Valuing and supporting a diverse team  
  • Feedback and performance management  
  • Coaching for performance and development  
  • Thriving through change and uncertainty  
  • Five 60-minute 1-2-1 coaching sessions with a qualified coach to focus on your (is this the right word?) individual development as a manager  
  • Strengthscope report takes a strengths-based approach to development & Lumus360 report provides feedback on management skills and behaviours.  

Leading advantage

In a complex and fast-paced world, leadership is more challenging than ever, and leaders need to take the time to step back and think. This programme welcomes learners to spend time with their colleagues and reflect on the opportunities and challenges of leadership at the firm. Working collaboratively and with an executive coach in one-to-one coaching sessions, learners will be supported and challenged to develop their leadership mindset, knowledge and skills across a range of critical topics.  

  • Seven 3-hour workshops covering a range of topics relevant to management  
  • Leadership in the context of the firm Part 1 
  • Leadership in the context of the firm Part 2 
  • Foundations of trust & leadership shadows  
  • Valuing and supporting a diverse team  
  • The leader’s role in motivation and team performance  
  • Coaching for performance and development  
  • From surviving to thriving  
  • Five 60-minute 1-2-1 coaching sessions with a qualified executive coach to focus on your individual development as a leader  
  • Strengthscope Leader report, including 360-degree feedback on leadership habits that will enable learners to take a strengths-based approach to their development  

A strengths-based approach to leadership development

Partnering with Corndel, the financial corporation successfully facilitated customised leadership and management training for 180 employees, equipping them with the skills and mindset required to excel in the dynamically shifting financial services landscape. 

By embracing a strengths-based approach and honing in on individual development, the financial corporation is grooming future leaders and solidifying their position at the forefront of the industry.  

We asked participants what they valued the most

The neurodiversity workshop was fantastic! I was gripped by it and found that it really helped me challenge stereotypes.
Three dimensions of autonomy, mastery and purpose were good to reflect on and understand for the team.
I valued the diversity workshop the most. It was interesting and helpful to use as a lens to reflect on my team. It was a great experience and helped give me tools to become more conscious about myself and impact others.



Leader at the firm

I particularly liked that it was an externally run course with access to an external coach, which helps generate a much franker discussion and managers receive impartial advice. The course setup was great; 3-hour slots in the morning worked very well; it’s easier to clear your diary just for half a day and deal with anything urgent in the afternoon. The modules were also appropriately tailored to the time allowed and reasonably stand-alone, so the time gaps between modules didn’t matter much. 


Manager at the firm

“I was sceptical at the beginning, but the theories I learnt, which I continue to apply daily, have made me a better leader. I am a more efficient time manager. I run a busy team, and we need to prioritise tasks. Having self-permission and the support of my coach, I can deprioritise specific tasks. I became very engaged in the content when I saw how the theory applied in practice.”

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