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Bupa is leading the charge to build leadership and data skills across their business teams, developing a modern workforce that will truly drive organisational impact.

Mark Shanahan, Senior Reporting and Planning Analyst within BINS Actuarial, Bupa

He has graduated from the Bupa Aspiring Leader Programme​.

Mark has most enjoyed finding confidence in the skills and knowledge that he has developed and networking with colleagues across Bupa.

How have you been able to apply the learning in your role so far?

I have been able to apply my learning in my role – for example, using theory around learning styles when working with colleagues on the Actuarial Graduate program. I have also been able to improve my active listening and emotional intelligence.

What are you looking forward to?

I am looking forward to further study opportunities. I have developed myself through experience at working at Bupa, and I did not recognise the value in studying and I was afraid that I had not been in a learning programme for many years.

How do you balance studying while working?

Working within a Finance function there are periods that are much busier than others as we have monthly and quarterly reporting cycles and deadlines to meet. As such I had to plan my study around this work. I managed the expectations of my Professional Development Expert (PDE) that I would at times be ahead and others slightly behind.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of studying on this programme?
If a small part of you is telling you to do it and it will benefit your career, then go for it!

Marie Johnston, Practice Manager, Bupa

She has graduated the Bupa Leadership Foundation Programme.

Marie’s personal highlight is how much confidence she has gained in her management and leadership skills. She has enjoyed stepping out of her comfort zone to deliver compelling presentations. 

What positive impact has this programme had on your day-to-day work?

When I first began the course I was a lead nurse. The programme has given me confidence and developed my experience in wider aspects of management and leadership. I feel that the knowledge that I have gained helped with my promotion to practice manager.


What was your personal highlight undertaking this programme?

My personal highlight is how much confidence I have gained – this has been from gaining knowledge in management and leadership and stepping out of my comfort zone to deliver presentations throughout the course. The programme has developed me so much that family and colleagues have said that they wouldn’t have thought I was the same person if they had met me 12 months ago.


How did you find the coaching experience?

I find coaching an excellent way of learning – and being on both sides of the coaching experience, I can see benefits from all aspects. Being a coach gives you a sense of value and purpose and being coached allows you to work and learn from someone more experienced, giving you the chance to learn on the job and ask any questions as you go along.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of studying on this programme?
Manage your time effectively, keep on track with the workload, don’t over think things and don’t be put off by the presentations.

Duncan Gould​, Business Improvement Associate, Bupa

He is taking part in the Bupa Data-Driven Professional Programme

The best part of the data programme for Duncan is being able to apply what he has learnt to his day-to-day role at Bupa.

What’s the best thing about your data programme?

The best thing about participating in this programme is being able to learn and then being able to apply your learning to your working day. The best way that I learn is by doing, so although I found the modules very useful and interesting, when I actually put this into practice it gave me so much confidence in my work. 


What advice would you offer to current learners or anyone thinking about studying this programme? 

If you’re really keen on developing yourself then doing an apprenticeship is a no brainer, being able to develop essential skills whilst being able to do this in your work time is so beneficial and still creates a nice work life balance. I gained so much valuable knowledge from my first apprenticeship that I knew I would want to pursue another one, it’s challenging but very rewarding and it’s something you won’t regret. Make sure you take it one step at a time and are organised, there can be lots to digest so it’s important not to rush through any work. 


How has your learning been applied since starting your apprenticeship?

Part of my role is working with data, since starting the course I’ve been able to embed some of the skills I’ve learnt already. This allows me to analyse data, present this effectively and make data driven decisions following on from this. The course has helped me be more streamlined in the work that I do, for example using quick shortcuts or formulas to help speed what needs to be analysed in excel.