John Searle, Asda | The Imperial College and Corndel Data Analyst Programme

On January 16 2024, we hosted, in partnership with Imperial College Executive Education, a Data Learner Networking event at Imperial College Business School

We spoke with

John Searle, Asda

“Data is a broad church – it’s opened up a new world”

John, a Data Analyst at Asda, describes his experience as “very positive,” emphasising the growth and confidence he’s gained in learning new skills. “It’s been a while since I’ve been in education, but it’s given me the confidence to learn this new thing.” His exploration of data analysis has revealed its vast potential and interdisciplinary nature. He reflects on the significant opportunities for businesses to leverage data more effectively. “I’ve seen how much potential there is, untapped, that this could do.” 

Looking ahead, John sees his journey in data analytics not just as a career path but as a journey into a future shaped by data and AI. “It’s opened up a new world,” he says, recognising the vast possibilities data analytics offers for innovation and efficiency. John’s story is a testament to the transformative power of embracing data analytics, illustrating how continuous learning and curiosity can unlock doors in the digital age.

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