From Vision to Reality: The Evolution of a Global Biopharmaceutical Organisation

Corndel Custom Solutions partnered with a global biopharmaceutical titan to transform Clinical Trials Project Management, winning a Gold accolade at the 2023 Brandon Hall Awards. Tailored training reduced costs by over 300%, accelerated clinical trials, and strengthened key competencies, setting new benchmarks in skill development and project management

A global biopharmaceutical giant with a significant presence across various regions embarked on a transformational journey to revitalise its Clinical Trials Project Management.

Their collaboration with Corndel Custom Solutions culminated in the creation and successful execution of a unique learning trajectory, which was recognised with a Gold accolade at the Brandon Hall Awards 2023 for Best Advance in Competencies and Skill Development.


The challenge

The restructuring of the biopharmaceutical company’s Clinical Research Manager (CRM) role led to amplified responsibilities, transitioning the managers from clinical specialists to comprehensive project managers for clinical trials. With 400 roles influenced by this shift, the firm grappled with the task of enhancing the expertise of CRMs on pivotal competencies. Traditional Project Management certifications fell short, as they often prioritised theoretical learning over real-world application, leading to reduced engagement.

The solution

Corndel Custom Solutions, renowned for its expertise in tailored skill development, proposed a solution that precisely matches the company’s needs. After in-depth consultations and performance metric evaluations, the programme veered from the standard approach, emphasising hands-on, pragmatic skills. The programme delved into areas like:

  • Trial initiation and stakeholder management.
  • Proactive milestone management.
  • Risk mitigation strategies.
  • Data storytelling.

The sophisticated programme blended self-directed learning, immersive virtual instructor-led sessions, and one-on-one coaching. The reduction in programme duration, from six months to three, without sacrificing impact showcased Corndel’s adeptness.

"The nuanced approach by Corndel enabled us to tackle the distinct challenges faced by our CRMs, ensuring they were armed with the requisite skills in a timely manner," remarked a senior manager at the company.

How Corndel Custom Solutions measured impact for a leading biopharmaceutical company

Establishment of clear KPIs

Corndel started with a performance consultation phase, where KPIs were defined in collaboration with the company’s internal teams. This proactive approach ensured that the programme was tailor-made to address specific areas of improvement.

Baseline data collection and follow-up

Before rolling out the programme, Corndel gathered baseline data on the current skills and competencies of the Clinical Research Managers. Post-training, a follow-up survey was conducted to measure improvements, ensuring that the differences were attributable to the programme.

Line manager feedback

Corndel recognised that immediate superiors often have the best perspective on an employee’s performance. Feedback was actively sought from line managers post-training to understand tangible changes they observed in their Clinical Research Managers. This helped to correlate the training’s efficacy with real-world improvements.

Review of organisational KPIs

Beyond the programme-specific KPIs, Corndel also reviewed the company’s broader organisational KPIs. This approach ensured that the benefits of the training weren’t just isolated to the participants but were also contributing positively to the company’s overarching objectives.

Financial analysis

Corndel showcased a clear ROI by comparing the costs of the custom programme against traditional training methodologies. By pivoting to a targeted approach, they demonstrated a significant cost reduction, providing the company with enhanced competencies at a fraction of the expected cost.

Manager and sponsor feedback

Beyond the direct line managers, Corndel also gathered feedback from higher-tier management and sponsors. This 360-degree feedback mechanism ensured that improvements were visible at all organisational levels, reinforcing the programme’s success.

Learner-centric continuous feedback

Throughout the programme, the participants constantly sought feedback. This iterative approach fine-tuned the content delivery and showcased how participants perceived their growth, a crucial metric for determining the programme’s success from an employee satisfaction perspective.

Data-driven outcomes

Corndel used data-driven methods to showcase the programme’s impact. Through graphs and quantitative measurements, learners’ pre-and-post-programme confidence levels in their capabilities were depicted, providing a clear visual representation of the programme’s impact.

Corndel Custom Solutions' meticulous and comprehensive approach to measuring the impact ensured the company received tangible and quantifiable benefits from their partnership. It exemplified how a well-structured, data-driven programme could enhance skills and competencies and lead to broader organisational improvements. This successful model set the stage for future collaborations and positioned Corndel as a trusted partner for the company's continued growth and development.

The impact was profund

The metamorphosis was far-reaching. From a financial perspective, the company realised over a 300% reduction in costs. Regarding competencies, feedback post-programme revealed:

  • Enhanced time management and prioritisation capabilities.
  • Adeptness in risk management.
  • Elevated stakeholder communication skills, encompassing data narration.

Feedback from management echoed these accomplishments:

  • 63% recognised an uptick in the use of PM methodologies.

  • 64% noted superior attainment of pivotal milestones.

  • 75% witnessed advanced task prioritisation by CRMs.

  • 63% acknowledged refined data presentation capabilities.

"Corndel's initiative not only fortified our CRMs with indispensable skills but also significantly accelerated our clinical trial timelines, facilitating quicker patient access to medicines," noted a regional trial director at the company."

Lessons and the road ahead

The collaboration between the biopharmaceutical company and Corndel Custom Solutions highlighted several key takeaways:

  • The essence of collective engagement with stakeholders during programme conceptualisation.
  • The value of a student-focused strategy amalgamating theoretical knowledge with tangible skills.
  • The benefits of harnessing virtual and autonomous learning for both fiscal prudence and scalability.

The triumph of this partnership has laid the groundwork for future ventures, reshaping the company’s perspective on addressing developmental requisites in project management. This alliance with Corndel has not only instigated a paradigm shift in skill enhancement but has also fortified the organisation’s global pledge to bettering lives.

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