From Vision to Reality: The Evolution of a Global Biopharmaceutical Organisation

The Custom Solutions team at Corndel partnered with a global biopharmaceutical titan to address critical operational challenges.

A global biopharmaceutical giant with a significant presence across various regions embarked on a transformational journey, forging a progressive and results-driven partnership with the Custom Solutions team at Corndel.

This collaboration, marked by multiple projects, has been pivotal in addressing critical operational challenges. Three significant pieces of work were undertaken in 2023, impacting 120 participants. Plans for two additional major projects in 2024 are a testament to this partnership’s dynamic and ongoing nature.


Challenges faced

The biopharmaceutical giant was grappling with several challenges:

  1. The pace of clinical trials needed acceleration to meet the growing global demand
  2. There was a gap in critical competencies, particularly in project management
  3. Existing training methodologies were outdated and not tailored to the specific needs of the employees
  4. The organisation needed to improve its overall performance while controlling training costs

The custom solution

The Custom Solutions team, renowned for its expertise in tailored skill development, proposed a solution that precisely matches the organisation’s needs. Beginning with a performance consultation phase, the team designed a hands-on, pragmatic skills development programme to deliver the most significant impact. The solution comprised several key components:

  • Performance consultation phase: Corndel began with an in-depth analysis of the company’s needs, setting clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Tailored programme content: The programme covered crucial areas like trial initiation, stakeholder management, proactive milestone management, risk mitigation strategies, and data storytelling.
  • Blended learning approach: Self-directed learning, virtual instructor-led sessions, and one-on-one coaching were employed.
  • Reduced programme duration: The programme’s length was reduced from six months to three without compromising effectiveness.
"The nuanced approach by Corndel enabled us to tackle the distinct challenges faced by our CRMs, ensuring they were armed with the requisite skills in a timely manner," remarked a senior manager at the company.

How the Custom Solutions team measured impact for a leading biopharmaceutical company

The Custom Solution approach to measuring the programme’s impact was comprehensive:

  • Baseline data collection and follow-up surveys to gauge improved skills and competencies.
  • Line manager feedback to correlate training efficacy with real-world improvements.
  • Organisational KPI review ensuring training is aligned with broader organisational objectives.
  • Financial analysis, demonstrating cost-effectiveness compared to traditional training methods.
  • Manager and sponsor feedback, providing a 360-degree view of the programme’s effectiveness.
  • Continuous participant feedback for fine-tuning content delivery and assessing employee satisfaction.
The Custom Solutions team meticulous and comprehensive approach to measuring the impact ensured the company received tangible and quantifiable benefits from their partnership. It exemplified how a well-structured, data-driven programme could enhance skills and competencies and lead to broader organisational improvements. This successful model set the stage for future collaborations and positioned Corndel as a trusted partner for the company's continued growth and development.

Tangible results achieved

The collaboration between the biopharmaceutical company and the Custom Soluitons team at Corndel yielded impressive results:

  • Enhanced project management skills: Nearly 500 employees were trained in project management, leading to an increase of 15% in confidence and 25% in competency.
  • Accelerated clinical trials: The training led to more efficient management of clinical trials, significantly reducing time to market. 
  • Cost savings: The targeted approach resulted in significant cost reductions of 300% compared to traditional training methods.
  • Positive feedback: The programme received high praise from participants, managers, and sponsors, reflecting its comprehensive impact.

Feedback from management echoed these accomplishments:

  • 63% recognised an uptick in the use of PM methodologies
  • 64% noted superior attainment of pivotal milestones
  • 75% witnessed advanced task prioritisation by CRMs
  • 63% acknowledged refined data presentation capabilities
"Corndel's initiative not only fortified our CRMs with indispensable skills but also significantly accelerated our clinical trial timelines, facilitating quicker patient access to medicines," noted a regional trial director at the company."

Lessons and the road ahead

The partnership between the biopharmaceutical company and Corndel brought forth several key insights:

  • The importance of stakeholder engagement in programme design.
  • The effectiveness of combining theoretical knowledge with practical skills.
  • The advantages of leveraging virtual and autonomous learning for cost efficiency and scalability.

The success of this initiative has set a new precedent in the company’s approach to skill development and project management training. It marks a paradigm shift in enhancing capabilities while contributing to the organisation’s global mission to improve lives.

Award recognition

This collaboration resulted in a gold award at the prestigious 2023 Brandon Hall Awards, which serves as a testament to both organisations’ innovative and effective approach. The tailored training solution sets a new benchmark in skill development and project management, showcasing the potential of strategic partnerships in driving industry-wide transformations.

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