Fostering a Data-Driven Culture: Asda's Triumph with Data Analytics

Discover how Asda unlocks the power of data analytics.

Asda, a British supermarket retail giant, embarked on an innovative journey with Corndel’s Data Analytics Level 4 Programme. Their aim was to empower their employees with advanced data analytics skills, drive individual growth and yield a significant impact on the business. 

Ingraining a Learning Culture: Investing in Data

Asda firmly believes in the power of continuous learning and professional development. Their commitment to cultivating a data-centric culture within the organisation is deeply rooted in the opportunities they provide their employees to enhance their skills. This investment in learning and development forms an integral part of their long-established ethos, facilitating both individual and company growth.

Businss Impact of Asda's Data Analytics Programme

Transformative Learning, Tangible Outcomes

The Corndel Data Analytics programme turned out to be a game-changer for Asda. Initially, participants in the programme had limited coding experience. However, post-completion, they emerged with the newfound ability to construct complex Python-based algorithms and engage in advanced SQL applications, skills that proved incredibly valuable for their day-to-day responsibilities. This resulted in increased efficiency and productivity within the organisation. 

Automating for Efficiency: Fostering a Culture of Innovation

The business impact was both immediate and significant. One of the notable outcomes was the creation of a Python code using the Selenium package. This automated a laborious web platform update process that used to take between five and ten hours of manual input each time. This significant reduction in manual effort allowed employees to focus on more strategic and high-value tasks, enhancing overall operational efficiency. The programme didn’t merely equip the employees with advanced skills but also instilled confidence to take the initiative and innovate, creating a more self-reliant and agile workforce. 

Andy Key, a Privacy Transformation Manager at Asda, has recently completed the Data Analytics Level 4 programme with Corndel and shares his experience: “By the end of the programme, I could build clustering algorithms in Python and predictive analytics in terms of time series. Regarding my synoptic project, I found this to be the most enjoyable assignment I’ve ever done because it was relevant to my everyday work.” 

Spreading Data Literacy

The Data Analytics programme has been instrumental in fostering a more data-literate culture within Asda. The acquired knowledge is not confined to the individuals who underwent the programme but has permeated throughout the organisation. The employees have been sharing their insights and learnings with their peers, educating them on improved data storage, structure, and enrichment practices. 

“I’ve been able to take what I’ve learned on the programme and help influence and teach other people in my team. As a result, we store data more efficiently and understand how to structure our data better, ultimately enriching it for accurate use.” Andy Key, Privacy Transformation Manager at Asda. 

Unleashing the Power of Data

Asda’s experience with the Corndel Data Analytics programme underscores the transformative power of data, the importance of continuous learning, and the tangible impact on business efficiency and effectiveness. It showcases how investing in the right training programme can revolutionise business operations, driving growth and competitiveness in today’s data-driven market.

“I think data will be the key pillar to move us forward and take our organisation to the next level. Data will filter through every single area of the business and improve how we work.” Andy Key, Privacy Transformation Manager at Asda. 

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