Estee Lauder Learner Case Study: Ruby Wright – Data Analytics

After the successful launch of the Estee Lauder Data Analytics Diploma, we chatted to Ruby Wright, National Accounts Executive, to see how her apprenticeship was going so far, and the impact it has already had on her day to day role. Ruby is a few months into her accredited Level 4 Diploma.


What is your role at Estee Lauder Companies?

I’m currently a National Accounts Executive, across four Estee Lauder Companies brands. I support the sales function from a wholesale and retail perspective.


What was it that made you want to join the Data Analytics programme and why do you think these data skills were needed in your role?

There is a huge opportunity within my role to be able to use data in a far more impactful way. I know that the skills learnt on this course will help me to bridge that gap, automate processes, improve efficiency, and ultimately save time. We can use the hours saved on process driven reporting, by using top class data visualisation. I am looking forward to gaining these skills through my apprenticeship and implementing them into my role.


What would you say are the best features of the course that you’ve experienced so far?

The way that the course is set up is really helpful. Whether it’s self-taught reading, group workshops or refresher sessions, there is a lot of variety in the way that we are learning. The support is particularly helpful when it comes to the more complex areas that a few of us need help on, such as sub-queries.

Would you say that you have started to apply your learning to your day to day job already?

Yes I have, and I am only a couple of months in. I understand how we receive data from retailers and how it feeds into our central system, and it has been beneficial to understand that side of the business. In the next few upcoming units is where I’ll be able to apply my skills when working with my colleagues.

It has been very helpful for me to talk to the data engineers within the company where I wouldn’t have necessarily reached out to them with queries, before. Previously, they might have referred to a programme or use some data language that I wasn’t familiar with, whereas now I have an understanding and the confidence to ask more questions.


Have you had any positive feedback from your line manager of colleagues about how you are applying your learnings so far?

Yes, a colleague has commented that I have improved how I present data. When I’ve been asked to produce ad hoc reports and deliver data for stakeholders across the business, for example Marketing or Online Teams, I have been able to have a better understanding of how the end user is going to read and use that data, which has been very positively received.


Would you recommend the course to others? Are there any aspects of the course that you think are particularly useful?

Yes, I would definitely recommend the course. I am learning many skills that I would not have otherwise learnt in my typical day to day role. It’s also great to be learning alongside like-minded people in the workshops, so that I have an in-depth understanding of data across many industries, not just in cosmetics. I’m excited to see what else I’m going to learn and how it’s going to benefit my future roles.

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