The Imperial College and Corndel Healthcare Leadership Programme

Darshan Nagaria, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Darshan Nagaria, a Highly Specialist Women and Children’s Pharmacist at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, shared with us the impact of being a learner on the Imperial College and Corndel Healthcare Leadership Programme.

As a seasoned healthcare professional with over a decade of experience in the NHS, Darshan looked to elevate and expand his leadership skills, through enrolling in the Healthcare Leadership Programme – a senior leadership apprenticeship co-delivered by Imperial College and Corndel.

Darshan shared his experience on the programme, the skills he developed, and the impact it has had on his career so far. Firstly, Darshan admits having reservations about the online learning and, in the context of current NHS pressures, the time commitment required to complete the course. However, he was impressed by the structure of the programme and the support he received from the Corndel team. “The online format was really well-structured, and I found it easy to navigate. I was also really impressed with the level of support we received from the Corndel team. They were always available to answer our questions and provide guidance when we needed it.”

The Imperial College and Corndel Healthcare Leadership Programme

The transformative development programme is designed for ambitious clinical and non-clinical leaders who are looking to build the strategic skills and systems thinking needed to drive organisational change, improve the patient experience, and have a wider impact on healthcare delivery

The development programme covers a wide range of topics, including inspirational leadership, change management, and personal effectiveness. “One of the things that really stood out for me was the focus on self-awareness,” says Darshan. “We were encouraged to reflect on our own strengths and weaknesses as leaders, and to think about how we could develop our skills in a way that would benefit our organizations. This was really valuable, and something that I hadn’t done before.”

I feel more confident as a leader and have been able to take on new projects and responsibilities.
Darshan Nagaria

“We learned a lot about change management, which is a key issue in healthcare. I found the tools and techniques we learned really helpful and have been able to apply them in my own organisation. For example, I’ve been able to develop a change management plan for a new project we’re working on, which has been well-received by my colleagues.”

The programme’s collaborative element, including group seminars and one-to-one coaching, was also hugely valuable. “It was great to work with people from different healthcare organisations and to learn from their experiences. We were able to share best practices and support each other throughout the programme.”

Furthermore, he expressed how “having a personal coach was a game-changer for me” and that they were “very helpful in guiding me through the programme and providing support and advice when needed.” In particular commenting on how, “It was really interesting to work with someone who had experience outside of healthcare. They were able to bring a fresh perspective to the challenges I was facing and offer insights that I hadn’t considered before.”

Darshan saw a significant impact in his role since beginning the programme. He has taken on new challenges and responsibilities as a result of his enhanced confidence and skills. “I feel more confident as a leader and have been able to take on new projects and responsibilities. I’ve also been able to apply some of the tools and techniques I learned in the programme to my work, which has had a really positive impact.”

With Imperial College involved, I knew it would be of a high quality and that it would be really relevant to healthcare professionals.
Darshan Nagaria

Darshan would certainly recommend the programme to other healthcare professionals. “It’s a well-structured programme that provides support, and the content is relevant and useful. It’s also a great opportunity to connect with other healthcare professionals and learn from their experiences.”

Imperial College and Corndel NHS Apprenticeships

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