Adam Gilbert, Waitrose | The Imperial College and Corndel Executive Development Programme

On December 6 2022, we hosted, in partnership with Imperial College Executive Education, an Executive Development Programme Learner Networking event at Imperial College Business School.

We spoke with

Adam Gilbert Branch Manager at Waitrose

Adam speaks about how the Executive Leadership programme has enhanced his active listening skills and strategic thinking, making him a better leader. He praises his personal coach as the best experience of his professional life and discusses the role great leadership plays in the success of the retail industry. 

Leadership and Management Development Programs and Degrees.

The Imperil College and Corndel Executive Development Programme Level 7:
Strategic course for ambitious managers with 5+ years’ experience, delivered with Imperial College Business School.

The Corndel Diploma in Leadership & Management Level 5:
Develops high-potential mid-to-senior managers for next career stage, aligned to Operations/Departmental Manager apprenticeship standard.

The Corndel Diploma in Management Level 3:
Performance-based programme for team leaders, supervisors, and aspiring managers, aligned to Team Leader/Supervisor apprenticeship standard.

The Corndel Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship BSc (Hons):
Chartered Manager degree apprenticeship with in-demand leadership, management, and digital skills. Suitable for various professional roles.

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