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Be part of the national youth COVID recovery programme

Offer young people, aged 19-24, in your community a two-week, connected by technology, work placement, and you will receive up to £10,000.
Corndel provides a Career Foundations tool kit and a named Corndel Partnership Manager who will support and facilitate this placement.




Task suggestions

We recommend giving a range of small tasks or a small project.
Here are some examples:


A report on your website and social presence


An assessment of how your organisation appeals to prospective employees


A comparison of your products or service to competitors


A bespoke commission which meets your business objectives


Here to answer your questions


What kind of work / role would the young person need to do?

They can work with any department or team within your organisation. We find organisations benefit most when they can give the placement a small set of tasks or short project that they can reasonably complete over a two-week period with minimal supervision. Examples of this include updating databases, competitor reviews, asset list reviews, proofing your website or marketing materials etc.


Who is their point of contact from the employer side?

As the employer, you will need to allocate the young person a mentor. The mentor should be a line manager in the department that they would be working with during the placement. We have designed the programme to be lite-touch from a mentor/Line Manager perspective.


What is required of the mentor?

The Line Manager/mentor would need to meet with the young person at the start of the placement and perform a short exit interview at the end. They would invite the young person to a series of meetings across the organisation during the placement, so that they can get exposure to and understanding of the wider organisation. This mentor would also be the contact for the Corndel Partnership Manager to liaise with during the placement and would feedback on the success of both the placement and the work-related output.


Do we need to supply them with any equipment?

No, you don’t need to.


What does this initiative cost us as a company?

Nothing. You are paid £1,000 per placement by the ESFA.


Will we need to babysit the trainee?

No. The placement has been designed in such a way that the Corndel Partnership Manager will remain the young person’s first point of contact throughout and their interactions with you will be prepared and monitored by the Partnership Manager.


Do we have to commit to giving a job or apprenticeship?

No. If you wish to employ young people on placements this can be arranged. You also have the option of offering them a funded apprenticeship, but you are under no obligation to do so.


How are you going to monitor them whilst they are with us? What is a successful placement?

Every young person on placement will have a Corndel Partnership Manager, who is responsible for ensuring they are adequately prepared for the placement, they are useful to your organisation over the two-week period, and the placement benefits both the young person and your organisation. This is the definition of a successful placement.


What if something happens when the learner is with us? Who do we report any suspicions to? 

To reach Corndel’s confidential Safeguarding & Whistleblowing team you can email and You can also contact your named Corndel Partnership Manager.


An opportunity to help young people

Funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency and delivered by award-winning training company Corndel, this Career Foundation programme is an opportunity for you to easily help young people in your community who have been adversely affected by COVID, take their first steps towards fulfilling careers.


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