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Brilliant learners - Bupa's Emily Law

21 January 2020 by Isla Lightfoot

Emily Law was an IT Applications Trainer at Bupa who has recently been promoted to IT Project Manager. She is currently studying for the Bupa Leader Foundation Programme, delivered by Corndel. This is both an apprenticeship and a Diploma in Management and she credits this programme with enabling her to transform learning approaches in her Trainer role and preparing her for her new role in Project Management. Having started her career with Bupa as a Dental Nurse, Emily moved into Practice Management and then Training. It has long been Emily’s ambition to move into Project Management and this role is the culmination of her hard work and dedication. Emily told us:

“When I started this course, I applied for a management role but didn’t get it. The skills that I have acquired throughout the course – people skills, team skills, communication, project management etc. all contributed to the promotion I later achieved.

The course has been beneficial in my role as a trainer, before my promotion. Being a learner, enabled me to see the other side. I understand learning needs and the different ways of teaching and learning. As a result, I moved a lot of our written guides to short videos and these have been extremely well received.

I’ve completed the programme quickly and achieved great results, which has been seen by my Managers and other colleagues at Bupa, as a demonstration of my commitment and self-motivation. It was Unit 3 – the Project Management module that connected me to the Programme Manager who offered me my new role. I found this module difficult, but ultimately the most beneficial. I contacted a Programme Manager to ask him to explain Gantt charts and understand how his team worked and their deliverables. I expressed my keenness to find out more about Project Management. When a role came up in his team, I was asked to apply and ultimately offered it.”

One of the areas the programme covers that really benefited Emily was how to have difficult conversations. “It’s an inevitable part of management and not something any of us likes, but I’ve learnt to be more observant, look at body language and facial expressions, take a breath and process the information I’m receiving, rather than just reacting defensively. I had a mediation experience before I started the programme and it went badly. I’ve revisited this as part of the course and I now know how to assert myself better, when I should ask for help, how I should prepare and awareness of external factors that might be involved.”

Emily found her coach, Bobbie Graham, to have been instrumental to her success: “Bobbie is really motivating because she’s genuinely interested in all of me, rather than just the work part. You need this when you are juggling studies, work and homelife. You need someone who understands and helps you to prioritise in a helpful and enjoyable way. At the start of the course, Bobbie coached me through the management role I wasn’t offered, she helped to prepare me for the Project Management role and we are celebrating my promotion together.”

Emily hopes to continue her studies, moving onto the Bupa Leader Intermediate Programme (also an apprenticeship and a Level 5 Corndel Diploma in Leadership and Management).

More information about the Corndel Diplomas in Leadership and Management.

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