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At the coalface of the data revolution with Quick Release

02 October 2018 by Isla Lightfoot

Like much of the global economy, the automotive industry is being transformed by data.

Car manufacturers are changing the way they design and refine their products, delving deep into their data to develop ever-more efficient and reliable vehicles. 

Migle Raskeviciute is at the heart of this data revolution. She works as a Project Analyst with specialist data services provider Quick Release, supporting product development at a number of automotive companies across the globe.

The company has grown rapidly, now employing 200 specialist data analysts supporting car manufacturers across the UK, Germany, Australia and the US. Now Quick Release is using The Data Fellowship to help support its growth and strengthen its analytics capability.

Direction of travel

Migle said: “We are finding that all businesses now are looking to get a better handle on their data."

"I’m 100% convinced that this is going to continue, and data skills are going to become more and more important."“But even large companies are really struggling because there are not that many people who can work around the data, and those people are quite expensive."

“A lot of our customers are now hiring people with statistics or econometrics background rather than engineers to fill that gap or using companies like Quick Release to provide their data services.”

"Having the ability to come into a new customer and be able to immediately apply the right data science is a huge advantage."

Quick Release enrolled the 27-year-old on The Data Fellowship to strengthen her practical application of statistical techniques such as clustering and regression and her coding skills using statistical computing language R.

Migle added: “At university I learned the theory behind analysis, but the Fellowship is about practical application in real-world business environments. The main thing I like is the opportunity to work with data in real time with experienced tutors and people from similar professional backgrounds.”

Pioneering a profession

Emma Lloyd, Quick Release’s HR Business Leader, said: “Quick Release is pioneering a profession dedicated to product data management. For us, The Data Fellowship provides the opportunity to couple that by building our people’s technical skills."

“The techniques and qualifications that Migle and her colleagues are developing on the Data Fellowship will stand us in good stead for an increasingly data driven future and help their careers at Quick Release.”

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